Sauna and spa areaCarrossa Hotel Spa Villas Spa area
3 Saunas

Finish Sauna, Bio- Sauna and Steam Bath


into untouched nature


with chimney and juice bar


with a refreshing ice well

Steam bath
Relief for the muscles and respiratory tract

The Steam Bath

The soothing Steam bath with a temperature of approximately 45 degrees has a long tradition. Already the old Romans and ancient Greeks appreciated the beneficial relaxation effect for all muscles. The high humidity level is like a cure for the respiratory tract.

Carrossa Hotel Spa Villas spa area
Relax in an elegant ambience

The Spa Lounge

Between or after your sauna experience, you indulge in the spacious spa lounge with refreshment bar, soothing water play and invigorating footbaths. In our separate silence area you will find even deeper rest.

Stimulates the circulation and promotes health

The Bio Sauna

The Bio Sauna is the more soothing version of the classic Finnish Sauna, as its temperature is only at around 55 degrees with a pleasant humidity of approx. 40 to 55 percent. This type of sauna is highly recommendable for all skin types.

Finnish Sauna
A classic experience

The Finnish Sauna

In the classic Finnish Sauna, the temperature is constantly between 85 and 95 degrees Celsius, with a low humidity level. The human body loses a lot of fluid and therefore effectively purifies and detoxifies. It is an effective way to strengthen the immune system.

Spa Access

As a guest at our Carrossa Resort, you enjoy free admission to the Spa. External Day Use only upon request.